Find a Group Achievement

Green-Engineer (Scouts Australia)

Do 3 of the following:

  • 1

    Name and explain the use of 5 different kinds of machines such as trucks, construction machinery or farm machinery.

  • 2

    Explain the functions of the following items: * a. Pulley. * b. Lever. * c. Wheel and axle. * d. Demonstrate how each of the above items makes heavy work easier to manipulate and complete.

  • 3

    Explain how solar power works through appliances such as a solar hot water system.

  • 4

    Make a small model of a boat with a rudder and demonstrate how it can be made to move by itself. Explain the use of a rudder.

  • 5

    Complete a working drawing of a machine such as a wind pump or water turbine, showing top/bottom and side views and explain how it works with the appropriate power source.

  • 6

    Make a working machine model using a mechanical construction set and explain the possible functions your machine could perform.

  • 7

    Find out about a famous engineer and share what you have learned.