Find a Group Achievement

Red-Cyclist (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Own or have regular use of a bicycle of the proper size.

  • 2

    Demonstrate how to clean and oil your bicycle, pump up the tires, repair a puncture, replace a brake block and adjust the brakes.

  • 3

    Explain and demonstrate the correct use of safety equipment a rider and bicycle must have.

  • 4

    State what checks you would carry out before going on a bicycle ride.

  • 5

    Demonstrate how to mound and dismount properly.

  • 6

    List or state the road rules as they apply to cyclists.

  • 7

    Under supervision, go on a ride for at least five kilometres, demonstrating proper hand signals and the ability to ride safely.

  • 8

    Keep a log of the bicycle rides that you have been on over a period of three months.

  • 9

    Explain what different types of bicycles are available and under what conditions they are ridden.