Find a Group Achievement

Red-Cooking (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Discuss the basic rules of hygiene and safety in the kitchen and show how you know how to put them into practice.

  • 2

    Plan, cook, serve and clear away a meal for 2 or more people consisting of three courses and a drink. Leave the food preparation area clean and tidy after you have finished.

  • 3

    Do any 3 of the following:

    • a

      prepare and cook a tart or cake.

    • b

      make some confectionary (e.g. jellies, honeycomb, chocolate truffles etc).

    • c

      make a cooked dessert.

    • d

      make a batch of biscuits.

    • e

      make soup from fresh ingredients.

    • f

      prepare your favorite recipe.

  • 4

    Cook an outdoor meal.

    • a

      make a billycan and use it to cook something (e.g. a meat and vegetable casserole or a vegetarian dish).

    • b

      a dessert cooked in foil.

    • c

      a hot drink.

  • 5

    Plan a menu for one day showing you understand how to balance the essential food groups.

  • 6

    Discuss special diets and allergies.

  • 7

    Find a recipe that will cater for special diet/allergy (e.g. Gluten free, dairy free, low cholesterol, diabetes, fat free or vegetarian).