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Red-Citizenship (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Being an Australian: * a. Explain the difference between a democracy and government by one person. * b. Explain why it is important for adults to vote in elections and referendums.

  • 2

    Community Organizations: * a. Name five organizations or people in the community helping others in need. Explain what each of them does. * b. Visit one of these to see how they work and report to the Pack on what you find. (Akela to coordinate and sign off).

  • 3

    Cub Scout Code of Living: * a. Find out about a state or local government law or regulation, which you think people of your age should know about. * b. Explain why young people should do their best to keep this law. * c. Discuss with your examiner the problems that can occur from vandalism or anti-social activities such as theft or bullying.

  • 4

    Good Turn or Service: Plan and carry out eight hours of service with a community group over a maximum of two months.