Find a Group Achievement

Red-Bushcraft (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Compass and Navigation: *a. With a buddy, help set up a simple compass trail in the bush. It must be at least 200 metres long and use six different compass directions. *b. Using a map, help plan an outing for your Pack.

  • 2

    Camping: *a. On a camp or in your back yard, construct a bush shelter that you could sleep in overnight. *b. List all the equipment you would need to take on a camp for a weekend, either with your family or your Pack. *c. Help to prepare and cook at least two meals on the camp.

  • 3

    Safety in the Bush: *a. Discuss any dangerous creatures that may be found in the bush areas which you visit. Tell how to avoid them and what to do if you are in danger. *b. Explain how to start a fire without matches. *c. Explain what to do if you loose your direction when on a bushwalk.

  • 4

    Tracking: *a. Find the tracks of an animal or bird. *b. Make a plaster cast of these tracks and identify them if possible. *c. On an outing, get as close as possible to a native animal or bird and observe its behavior. Report on what you saw, heard and smelt.