Find a Group Achievement

Green-Bushcraft (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Compass and Navigation: *a. State how many degrees there are on a compass. *b. State the bearing in degrees for each of the cardinal points (North, South, East, West). *c. Demonstrate two methods of finding directions without a compass.

  • 2

    Camping: *a. Go on a camp in a tent for at least two nights. This may be with your Pack or your family. *b. Show you know how to pitch a tent and know what care to take when pitching it. *c. Discuss the best way to be safe in a tent, e.g. from fire, from insects and animals and natural events.

  • 3

    Safety in the Bush: *a. Discuss what safety precautions you should take before you go out into the bush. *b. Explain where you could get water in the bush and show one method of achieving this. *c. Explain two methods of purifying water that makes it fit for drinking.

  • 4

    Fire Safety: *a. Show how to build a safe fireplace in the bush. *b. Lay and light a fire. When you have finished, put it out safely. *c. Using your fireplace, cook a meal for yourself.