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Red-Athlete (Scouts Australia)

The advanced level of this badge should be attempted at least six months after gaining the basic badge.

  • 1

    Show improvement in athletic endeavor. Over a three month period, show significant improvement at FIVE of the following. Record your progress.

    • a

      A run of 100 metres.

    • b

      A run of 400 metres.

    • c

      Throwing and catching a hard ball over an increasing distance.

    • d

      Consistently hit a thrown ball with a racquet or bat.

    • e

      A standing long jump.

    • f

      A running start long jump.

    • g

      A triple jump.

    • h

      A track or field event of their choice.

  • 2

    Demonstrate a series of stretching and warm up techniques that should be undertaken before and after sport.

  • 3

    Pick a track and field event and explain the rules of that sport and if possible demonstrate its techniques.

  • 4

    Research the history of the Olympic Games and explain their purpose in modern society.