Boy Scout Troop (BSA) Awards Supported

Merit Badges
Religious Awards
Other Awards
Adult Religious Awards
STEM/Nova Awards
National Outdoor Badges
Adult Awards
Service Stars
William T. Hornaday Awards

Cub Scout Pack (BSA) Awards Supported

Belt Loops
Other Awards
Progress Beads
Activity Badges
Religious Awards
Adult Awards
Leadership Knots
Arrow Points
Wolf Cub Electives
Bear Cub Electives
Webelos Compass Points
STEM/Nova Award s
Trail Trekkers
Cub Scout Awards
Bobcat Awards
Service Stars
Shooting Sports

Girl Scout Service Unit Awards Supported

Retired Brownie Try Its
Brownie Badges
Ambassador Badges
Junior Badges
Daisy: Petals and Leaves
Brownie Journey Awards
Daisy: Journey Awards
Senior: Journey Awards
Junior: Journey Awards
Ambassador Journey Awards
Cadette: Journey Awards
Daisy: Special Opportunity Awards
Brownie Special Opportunity Awards
Meritorious Service Awards
Cadette Badges
Cadette Leadership Journey & Mentoring Awards s
Junior: Special Opportunity Awards
Cadette Special Opportunity Awards
Cadette National Leadership Awards
Cadette: Honor Awards
Junior: Skill Builder Badges
Senior Badges
Senior Special Opportunity Awards
Junior: Honor Awards
Junior: Mentoring Awards
Ambassador Special Opportunity Awards
Highest Awards
Junior: Girl’s Choice Outdoor Skills Badges
Outdoor Badges
Dove and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
Consumers Energy s
Brownie Badges

American Heritage Girls Troop Awards Supported

Level Awards
Sports Pins
Heritage Badges
Family Living Badges
Arts Badges
Outdoor Skills Badges
Personal Well-Being Badges
Science & Technology Badges
Service Stars
Leader Awards
Religious Awards
Heritage Frontiers
Family Living Frontiers
Frieda B. Awards
Event Patches

Baden Powell Service Association Troop Awards Supported


BSA Venturing Crew Awards Supported

Venturing Awards
STEM/Nova Awards
2015 Venturing Awards
Service Stars

Scouts Australia Awards Supported

Joey Badges
Grey Wolf Awards
World Conservation Badges
Special Interests
Rover Badges
Specialist and Other Badges
Target Badges
Primary Badges
Proficiency Badges

Trail Life USA Troop Awards Supported

Navigator Rank Advancements
Mountain Lions
Hawk Awards
Adventurer Awards
Navigator/Adventurer Required Trail Badges
Freedom Experiences
Navigator/Adventurer Elective Trail Badges
Service Stars
Fox Awards
Faith Building Activities
BSA Transfer Awards
Design Your Own Badges

Civil Air Patrol Awards Supported

Cadet Ranks

Business Exploring Post Awards Supported

Business Career Achievement Awards

MPact Ministries Group Awards Supported

Girl Guides Australia Awards Supported

ASDE Troop (Spain) Awards Supported